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Final Details   

 1. Please consult the online program for details about all the talks and posters. Many of the talks overlap in parallel sessions, so try to plan ahead to get the most out of the program (Click here for the full program in PDF).
2. Meeting registration starts at 08:00 at Bar-Shira Auditorium (maps are available here). Please arrive early to avoid the last minute crowds.
3. On-campus parking is not available to meeting participants as it is a regular work day, so please use public transportation or the public parking lots around campus. If you arrive early enough you may find free street parking.
4. If you plan to pay on-site for the conference, please note that on the day of the meeting we can only accept cash or checks.

5. When you arrive you will receive a hard copy of the program (without abstracts). We are not giving away bags, pens or paper, so please be sure to bring anything you think you may need.



Registration - Instructions

1. Create an account on the IPS server if you don't have one already, and login to your account.
    Note that if you attended the meeting last year you probably already have an account. If you don't remember your password click here to request a new one.
2. Register for the 2010 conference.

 Register for the conference by credit card in advance - Save 50 NIS and avoid the long lines!



Instructions for Speakers

1. The duration of talks depends on your specific session. Please consult the online program for details.
2. In order for sessions to run smoothly we ask that you submit your presentation a few days in advance of the meeting. Detailed instructions were sent to you by E-mail on 30/11/2010.

3. Presentations should be prepared in either PowerPoint or PDF. Please contact your Session Chair if you cannot use one of these formats.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

1. Posters should fit within a square of 120cm by 120cm, and should be mounted in their assigned location no later than 12:00 on the day of the meeting, and removed by 17:30.
You are expected to be present at your poster during the official poster session, from 12:00 to 14:00.  
Please consult the online program a few days before the meeting for your assigned poster number.