Conference committees

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Scientific organizing committee

  • Doron Cohen, BGU  (chair)
  • Amnon Aharony, BGU and TAU
  • Yuval Garini, BIU
  • Eytan Grosfeld, BGU
  • Dafne Guetta, Ort-Barude
  • Adi Nusser, Technion
  • Yaron Oz, TAU (IPS president)
  • Yaron Silberberg, Weizmann


Local organizing committee

  • Doron Cohen (chair)
  • Eytan Grosfeld
  • Shlomo Nahum (administration)
  • Geva Arwas (assistance)



The table below is self-generated once chairpersons are associated with each submission category.

IPS Conference 0000 - Chairpersons

Session / Category / Sub-CategoriesChairperson
  -- Plenary lecture
Dr. Quantum Test
  -- High energy and Astrophysics, Quantum and Solid state physics, Biophysics and Statistical Physics
- None Selected -
  -- Astrophysics, Cosmology
Dr. Quantum Test
  -- High energy physics, Nuclear physics
- None Selected -
Plasma and Fluids
  -- Plasma and Fluids
- None Selected -
  -- Quantum foundations, Mesoscopic physics, Atomic and molecular physics, Quantum information, Photonics and optics, Ultracold atoms and molecules
- None Selected -
  -- Topological phases and excitations, Strongly correlated electronic systems, Superconductivity and magnetism, Material physics and nanophysics
Dr. Quantum Test
  -- Statistical physics, Soft matter and Biophysics
Dr. Quantum Test
  -- Complex sytems, Non-linear physics
- None Selected -
Applied Physics
  -- Applied physics, Physics in industry
- None Selected -
Computational Physics
  -- Computational Physics
- None Selected -
Physics Teaching
  -- Physics Teaching
Dr. Quantum Test
  -- tests
Dr. Quantum Test