Program; posters; 60th birthday ceremony; late registration issue

Program; posters; 60th birthday ceremony; late registration issue

IPS members, Shalom,

By now the oral sessions of IPS 2014 have been finalized. We thank the Chairs for their effort to construct an interesting program, caring for a balanced composition of topics and affiliations. You should be aware that we had ~220 submissions. Consequently we have expanded the program into 26(!) sessions. Still a simple algebra will show that the Chairs were left with ~60 abstracts that they could not assign. All the abstracts that were not assigned for oral sessions are now offered to the poster session. There is an email alert for each pertinent submitter, asking to confirm or deny this option within a week (the conference booklet will go out to print on 7-Dec).

Please note that we are going to celebrate the 60th birthday of the IPS in the closing ceremony. We shall have there an IPS 60th Birthday cake, Hanukkah Candles, doughnuts, drinks and other dessert items...

See you soon in IPS 2014,

Yours, Doron Cohen
on behalf of the SOC

PS: deadline for discounted registration is 30 Nov.
Conferences tags will be produced on 7-Dec.
People who register after 7-Dec possibly will not have tags.



The 6th Indo-Israeli meeting on “Frontier of Condensed Matter physics”


will be held on December 8-12, in the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Albert Einstein square, 43 Jabotinsky St. in Jerusalem.

For more details, see the meeting website:

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