October 25th, 2017 - Benefits of IPS Membership

October 25th, 2017 - Benefits of IPS Membership

American Physical Society (APS)


  • Each IPS full member or IPS student-member can register at reciprocal society meetings at APS member rates (w/o being an APS member).
  • Each of the IPS full member or IPS student-member can submit papers to reciprocal society meeting with the same privileges as the reciprocal society members.


In order to use this discount an IPS member should bring his IPS member ID or bring an official copy of his IPS member number during the registration process. 


  • To enhance scientific relations and improve communication between physicists across the world, the IOP entitles current members of national physical societies to attend conferences organised by the IOP in the UK and Ireland at the same rates as would apply to members of the IOP. Information about the range of national and international events organised by the IOP and its members can be found here.  

European Physical Society (EPS)

  • Each IPS full member or IPS student member of the IPS receives the EPS magazine, Europhysics News.
  • Each member of the IPS can join the EPS at reduced memberships fees.


The membership to join the EPS for members of the IPS is shown in the following page http://www.eps.org/?page=membership_im . 
As an IPS membership we belong to Cat 3a, meaning that the EPS registration fees reduces from 80 Euro to 27.5 Euro.


  • Each member of the EPS can attend conferences organized by EPS Divisions and Groups at significantly reduced membership fees (for example, EPS members can attend the High Energy Physics Conference for Euro 400, compared to Euro 450 for a non-member; for NanoMeta Conference an EPS member can attend in 410 Euro instead of 470 Euro, etc.).
  • Each EPS Member Society can participate in European Projects where the EPS is the coordinator; for example, in 2015, during the International Year of Light, the EPS made up 1500 Euro available to all EPS Member Societies to organize public lectures.
  • Students at universities located in EPS member countries can set up Young Minds Sections; each YM section can apply (with a high success rate) for funds to finance outreach activities. http://www.epsyoungminds.org/
  • All EPS Individual members can apply for IM travel grants




  • Members of the IPS can participate in the activities EPS Divisions and Groups
  • EPS Historic Sites program, commemorating important places for the development and history of physics in Europe and elsewhere, could also be of interest to Israel.  
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