Newsletter 4th February, 2015

Newsletter 4th February, 2015

 TAU-FUB meeting: "spin-orbit-materials"

Dear Colleague,

I'm writing you to advertise an internal FUB-TAU (Free-University Berlin Tel Aviv University) meeting, "spin-orbit-materials". It will consist of talks to be given by FUB-TAU group members as well as few external guests. Sub topics to be discussed consist of recent progress in the physics of topological insulators and superconductors, oxide interfaces, and other spintronic devices. 

 The meeting will take place at Tel Aviv University in Feb 23-25. 

For more details see (the scientific program is under construction) 

 Address: Physics Department (Kaplun building room 118), Tel Aviv University

Best regards,

Eran Sela

Department of Physics, Tel Aviv University, Israel

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