Newsletter 10th March, 2015

Newsletter 10th March, 2015


Recent Advances in Spintronics,

Safed May 10-14, 2015

A Joint ISF & Safed Scientific Workshop


Main topics: spin transfer, spintronics with oxides, emerging spintronics phenomena, spin-orbit effects, molecular and organic spintronics, spintronic devices, and other related topics.


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Please note: For hotel reservation (Ruth Rimonim Safed) at discount rates through the workshop, please follow the instructions at the website before March 26, 2015.


Organizing committee:

Lior Klein (BIU)

Yoram Dagan (TAU)

Amos Sharoni (BIU)

Alexander Gerber (TAU)


Contact: Sima Sharabi <[email protected]>


Invited Speakers:


Amnon Aharony (BGU&TAU)

Spin Filtering: how to write and read quantum information on mobile qubits


Charles H. Ahn (Yale)*



Eugenio Coronado (University of Valencia)

Magnetic Molecules and Hybrid Materials for Molecular Spintronics


Russell Cowburn (Cambridge)

Novel applications of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: 3-dimensional MRAM and cancer therapy


Yoram Dagan (TAU)



Hanan Dery (University of Rochester)

Spin and valley transport in two dimensional crystals- graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides 


Eitan Ehrenfreund (Technion)



Ora Entin-Wohlman  (BGU&TAU)

Spin-polarized electric currents in quantum transport through tubular two-dimensional electron gases


Chang-Beom Eom  (University of Wisconsin)

Magnetoelectric coupling in Multiferroic BiFeO3


Yuval Gefen (WIS)

Dynamics of a collective spin and geometric Langevin noise


Alexande Gerber (TAU)

Probing Co-Pd interfaces by the extraordinary Hall effect


Julie Grollier (Thales)

Towards bio-inspired computing with spin-torque nanodevices


Axel Hoffmann (ANL)

Blowing Magnetic Skyrmion Bubbles


Grzegorz Jung (BGU)

Noise signatures of metastable resistivity in ferromagnetic insulating Ca-doped lanthanum manganites


Andrew D. Kent (NYU)



Amit Keren (Technion)

Quantum deflagration in the Fe8 molecular magnet


Lior Klein (BIU)

Current-induced magnetization reversal in uniformly magnetized SrRuO3


Amit Kohn (BGU)

The Role of Crystallographic Structure and Chemical Ordering on the Operation of the Magnetic Tunnel Junction


Gertjan Koster (University of Twente)



Jeremy Levy (University of Pittsburgh)

Oxide Nanoelectronics on Demand


Yishai Manassan (BGU)

STM detection of single electron and nuclear spins


Gil Markovich (TAU)

Spin polarized tunneling through magnetic nanoparticles – a tool for studying their magnetization dynamics


Jagadeesh S. Moodera (MIT)

A step towards molecular spintronics - engineering the molecule/ferromagnet interface


Ron Naaman (WIS)

Spintronics without magnet-The Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity (CISS) effect


Dafiné Ravelosona (University of Paris Sud)

Controlling domain wall motion on the nanoscale in Ta-CoFeB-MgO devices with perpendicular anisotropy


Eiji Saitoh (Tohoku University)

Spin Pumping to Spin Seebeck Effects


Amos Sharoni (BIU)



Laurent Vila (INAC)

Looking for efficient spin-charge current conversion using Spin-Orbit coupling


Markus Wohlgenannt (University of Iowa)

Room temperature transduction between magnetic and optical information utilizing ferromagnetic fringe-fields and radical dopant







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