New Road Agencies Ltd was founded in October 2005. We represent different suppliers from Europe and the U.S in the fields of:  

  • Spectroscopy equipment and Instrumentation
  • Electro optics and Optical components
  • Material testing instruments 
  • Lasers and Laser Diodes
  • Particle Size Analyzers
  • Electro Chemistry
  • Scanning probe Microscopes ,3D Optical metrology systems and Spectroscopic Elipsometers
  • Rapid Kinetics Instruments. ( Stopped and Quenched Flow systems.)
  • Elemental and Sulfur Analyzers, ICP-OES , Glow discharge and Spark Analyzers, XRF and Micro XRF Analyzers
  • Lock – In Amplifiers, LED, Light Choppers, IR Emitters and Detectors, Laser safety eyewear, and fiber optics.
  • CCD and CMOS fast and sensitive cameras for Physical and Life science applications.
  • Sensors for Physical properties measurements, load cells, pressure transducers, Torque Sensors.
  • Manual & Motorized high precision Linear and rotation stage, and related Controllers
  • Vibration isolation platforms.