The Israel Physics Colloquium (IPC)

The Israel Physics Colloquium (IPC)

Shalom Israeli physics community,

We are happy to announce the launch of the Israel Physics Colloquium (IPC)  series. The IPC is a joint initiative of the physics departments across all universities in Israel. With the IPC, we aim to foster continued community and science between physicists in Israel and abroad.

The colloquium will take place every other Monday at 15:55 Israel time, starting from October 26. Prior to the talk, we will have about 15 minutes of socializing via breakout rooms – bring your own cake and coffee :-). 
The talks are geared for the general physics audience, students and faculty alike, and will be attended widely across all Israeli universities.

The permanent Zoom link for this series is:

A reminder email will be sent the day before each meeting.
Our current list of speakers includes:

Oct. 26, 2020  –  Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, MIT, USA
Nov. 9, 2020   –  Prof. Jesse Thaler, MIT, USA
Nov. 23, 2020 –  Prof. Cora Dvorkin, Harvard University, USA
Dec. 7, 2020   –  Prof. Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard University, USA
Dec. 21, 2020 –  Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy, IISc, India
Jan. 4, 2021    –  Prof. Klaus Blaum, MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany
Jan. 11, 2021  –  Prof. Anne L'Huillier, Lund University, Sweden

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Shana tova!
Snir, Haim, Serge, Amos, Ido, Yoni, Yevgeny, Daniel, and Yonit  

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