The 2008 IPS Prize

 The 2008 IPS Prize for a Young Physicist is awarded to
Dr. Eli Eisenberg of Tel Aviv University
For his pioneering work in biological physics,
Carried out in Israel under his leadership.
Studying the problem of A to I editing of RNA, he invented and applied novel
Methods to identify editing sites from DNA sequences. He uncovered the
Influence of the three-dimensional structure of RNA on the editing process
And provided insight on the biological roles of RNA editing.
The 2008 IPS Prize for a Graduate Student in Theoretical Physics
In awarded to
Mr. Netanel Lindner of the Technion (supervisor Prof. Assa Auerbach)
For his innovative contribution to the generation and detection of
Photonic entanglement using solid-state devices.
The 2008 IPS Prize for a Graduate Student in Experimental Physics
Is awarded to
Mr. Shmuel Rubinstein of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
(supervisor Prof. Jay Feinberg)
For his contribution to a new understanding of the transition from static
Friction to dynamic friction.
The 2008 IPS Fraenkel Prize for a Graduate Student in Particle Physics,
Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics is awarded to
Mr. Avi Shporer of Tel Aviv University (supervisor Prof. Tsevi Mazeh)
For his discovery and characterization of extra-solar planets using
Telescopes on Earth and in space.