IPS Newsletter 19 May, 2015

IPS Newsletter 19 May, 2015



Flatlands Beyond Graphene

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Bar Ilan University - Israel

July 7th – 9th

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Flatlands beyond graphene (FBG) 2015 will bring together the best experts in the field

of van der Waals solids and cover the most critical topics such as synthesis, exfoliation,

electronic and optical properties, heterostructures, and more.

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Doron Naveh (Bar-Ilan University) - Chairperson

Prof. Reshef Tenne (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Prof. Efrat Lifshitz (Technion)

Dr. Maya Bar-Sadan (Ben Gurion University)

Dr. Ariel Ismach (Tel Aviv University)

Dr. Alla Zak (Holon Institute of Technology)


Confirmed invited speakers

Prof. Mauricio Terrones (Penn State University, US)

Prof. Thomas Heine (Jacobs University, Germany)

Prof. Tony Heintz (Stanford University, US)

Prof. Fengnian Xia (Yale University, US)

Prof. Ashwin Ramasubramaniam (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, US)

Prof. Ernesto Joselevich (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Prof. Jonathan Coleman (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Prof. Gotthard Seifert (TU Dresden, Germany)

Prof. Janina Maultzsch (TU Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Thomas Mueller (TU-Wien, Austria)

Prof. Jinwoo Cheon (Yonsei University, South Korea)

Prof. Deji Akinwande (University of Texas, Austin, US)

Prof. Alex Zunger (University of Colorado, Boulder, US)

Prof. Paul O'Brien (Manchester University, UK)



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