IPS 2021 summary and recordings

IPS 2021 summary and recordings

Dear IPS 2021 conference participants,

I would like to thank you for participating in the IPS 2021 conference, on behalf of the organizing committee and the IPS. 

It was your attendance that helped us keep this tradition even in these difficult times and to make this conference a great success. We had over 600 participants and over 300 abstract  submissions, many interesting sessions and  an interesting poster session.

This was also the first activity of the new IPS topical divisions, and I would like to thank their executive committees for taking care of the topical sessions. The IPS is looking  forward to new activities from these newly-formed bodies.Newsletter


The advantage of having a virtual conference is that some of the talks can still be viewed. 

You are more than welcome to enter the conference site where you can view the 

conference's review and plenary talks.


Recordings are available on the meeting website in the “Agenda” and also here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8190593.

The poster session is also still available on the meeting website.  You can login either with the username and password you used at the conference or with the following – User: [email protected] Password: ips2021.


Our congratulations to the newly elected IPS fellows, and the IPS prize winners.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the poster winners again


1. Additional Physical disciplines: 

Microdosimetry aspects of diffusing alpha-emitters

Y. Korotinsky.


2. Soft-matter Nonlinear Biological and Statistical physics: 

Chromatin Viscoelasticity Measured by Local Dynamic Analysis 

Anat Vivante



Modeling the multi-wavelength linear polarization in GRB afterglows: 

Gal Birenbaum


4. CM: 

Anomalous Floquet Thouless pumping 

Yiming Pan and Alex Dikopoltsev


5. AMO: 

Echoes in single quantum systems 

Ilia Tutunnikov


As well as the  two runner ups

DAPSS:  GALI: Gamma-Ray Burst Localizing Instrument: Roi Rahin

CM: Extracting the scaling dimension of quantum Hall, Noam Schiller


Last but not least we would like to thank all the Universities as well as NRCN for their 

financial support, as well as the following sponsors:



Applied Materials 

Quantum Machines 



Quantum design 

Keysight Technologies



The kind support we received made the conference possible. 


Thank you all and we hope to see you next year in IPS 2022 conference,

Ehoud Pazy, 

IPS 2021 chair

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