IPS Conference 2017 - Meeting Posters

Presenter Institute Title Submission category
Abudayyeh, Hamza
Ronen Rapaport
Racah Institute of Phys...
Quantum emitters coupled to circular nanoantennas for high brightness quantum light sources QM
Adar, Ram
Tomer Markovich
David Andelman
Tel Aviv University Bjerrum Pairs in Ionic Solutions: a Poisson-Boltzmann Approach StatMech
Admon [1], Tamir
David Mukamel [2]
Yael Roichman [1]
Tel Aviv University...
Fluctuations in a Locally Driven Exclusion Process in Dense Colloidal Suspensions StatMech
Almoalem [1], Avior
Alon Yagil [1]
Kyuil Cho [2,3]
Department of Physics,...
The dependence of the absolute value penetration depth on doping in (Ba1−xKx)Fe2As2 CondMat
Alpern, Hen
Prof. Oded Millo
Prof. Yossi Paltiel
Racah Institute of Phys...
Unconventional superconductivity induced in s-wave superconductors by adsorbed chiral molecules CondMat
Alus [1], Or
Shmuel Fishman [1]
James D Meiss [2]
Universality of the Evolution in Paradigmatic Mixed Systems NLD
Avni [1,2], Yael
Ulf Leonhardt [1]
Weizmann Institute of S...
Casimir self-stress in a dielectric sphere QM
Bairey, Eyal
Gil Refael
Netanel Lindner
Driving-induced many-body localization CondMat
Bar-Haim, Chen
Chen Bar-Haim
Correlations in Suspensions Confined between Viscoelastic Surfaces: Noncontact Microrheology StatMech
Batabyal, Rajib
Noam Morali
Nurit Avraham
Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Weizmann Institute o... Construction of variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope CondMat
Ben Ishai, Paul
Department of Physics, Ariel University The behavior of water in the ultra-confinement of natural minerals - A 1D structural glass StatMech
Berger, Jorge
Ort Braude College The stationary SQUID Applied Physics
Bolshak, Gregory
Tel Aviv University Kinetically Constrained Model for Granular Clogging StatMech
Brenner, Naama
Dept. of Chemical Engin...
Exploratory adaptation in biological networks StatMech
Brozgol, Eugene
Irena Bronshtein
Itamar Kantor
Bar Ilan University Time resolve intensity photo bleaching (TRIP) as a tool for quantify bound /unbound fraction of lamin A protein in vivo. StatMech
Chatterjee, Rakesh
Punyabrata Pradhan
Sakuntala Chatterjee
Tel Aviv University, Is...
System of interacting particles with a periodicaly moving external potential StatMech
Cohen, Erez
School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University, Tel Av... The nuclear dance HEP
Cohen, Moshe-Ishay
Moshe-Ishay Cohen [1]
Yaakov Lumer [2]
Physics Department, and...
Reflection and Transmission in Artificial Photonic Gauge Fields QM
Cohen, Roie
Liat Amir-Zilberstein
Dimitri Rivkin
Tel-Aviv University Elucidating the transition from disordered to ordered patterning in the mammalian Organ of Corti StatMech
Cohen-Azarzar, Dana
Maria Baskin
Lior Kornblum
Andrew & Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering,... Band offsets at the Al2O3 – Nb:SrTiO3 interface CondMat
Dahan [1], Daniel
Mostafa Tanhayi Ahari [2]
Gerardo Ortiz [2,3]
Department of Physics,...
Non-Abelian fermion parity interferometry of Majorana bound states in a Fermi sea CondMat
Dentelski, David
Aviad Frydman
Efrat Shimshoni
Bar-Ilan University Tunneling probe of fluctuating superconductivity in disordered thin films CondMat
Don [1], Yaroslav
Eli Levy [1,2]
Dor Gitelman [1]
Department of Physics,...
Topological Quasicrystallography QM
Duer, Meytal
Eli Piasetzky np-dominance in asymmetric neutron rich nuclei HEP
Ehm, Tamara
Rona Shaharabani
Roy Beck-Barkai
Shaharabani R, Ram-On M...
Structural characterization of self-assembled inspired myelin sheath complexes: biophysical perspective on adrenoleukodystrophy StatMech
Esin, Iliya
Mark S. Rudner
Gil Refael
Physics Department, Tec...
Steady states and edge state transport in topological Floquet-Bloch systems CondMat
Estrin, Yevgeni
Mark Nikoloyevski
Aviva Melchior
Physics Department, Nuclear Research Center Negev, P.O. Box... High pressure melting curve of Tellurium CondMat
Evtikhiev, Mikhail
Weizmann Institute of Science Studying superconformal symmetry enhancement through indices HEP
Eyal, Ori
O. Eyal
A. Willinger
Eletrical Engineering D...
High Performance 1550 nm Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Operating at 25-100 °C QM
Fisher, Bertina
Larisa Patlagan
Physics, Technion Current-controlled-negative-differential-resistivity, insulator to mixed metal-insulator state switching and power dissipation in self-heated VO2 single crystals. CondMat
Frenkel, Yiftach
Dennis V. christensen
Nini Pryds
Department of Physics a...
Unusual magnetic signal along SrTiO3 crystallographic directions CondMat
Geyrhofer, Lukas
Naama Brenner
Network Biology Researc...
Coexistence and cooperation in distributed microbial populations StatMech
Gorbonos, Dan
Nir Gov
Weizmann Institute of Science Pair Creation in Insect Swarms StatMech
Greener, Hadar
Haim Suchowski
School of Physics and A...
Composite Pulses in N-level Systems with SU(2) Symmetry and their Geometrical Representation on the Majorana Sphere QM
Gross, Bnaya
Bnaya Gross
Michael M. Danziger
Department of Physics,...
Crossover phenomena in spatially embedded complex system NLD
Gulden [1], Tobias
Netanel Lindner [1]
Erez Berg [2]
Universal prethermal states in slowly driven many-body systems CondMat
Jbara, Moamen
Yishai Manassen Single molecule dynamics detected with scanning tunneling microscopy QM
Jbara, Moamen
Moamen Jbara
Single molecule dynamics detected with scanning tunneling microscopy QM
Kapon, Itzik
Amit Keren
Zaher Salman
Technion The Stiffnessometer: a magnetic-field free superconducting stiffness meter and its application to the cuprates CondMat
Karnieli, Aviv
Ady Arie
Raymond and Beverly Sac...
Stern-Gerlach dynamics for Single Photons: Spatial Separation of Orthogonal Frequency Superposition States QM
Keinan [1][2], Eliezer
Ayelet-chen Abraham [3]
Dana Reichmann [4]
Grass Center for Bioeng...
High-Reynolds Microfluidic Sorting of Large Yeast Population Demonstrates Early Age-Dependent Changes in Protein Quality Control Applied Physics
Koren, Tom
Jonathan Reiner [1]
Abhay Kumar Nayak [1]
Department of Condensed...
Hot electrons regain coherence in semiconducting nanowires CondMat
Kravchuk, Tatyana
Kamira Cohen-Weinfeld
Solid State Institute of Technion Surface Science Laboratory of Technion – your address for surface samples characterization Applied Physics
Kremen [1], Anna
Hasan Khan [2]
Yen Lee Loh [3]
Department of Physics,...
Mapping local superfluid density near the superconductor-insulator transition in NbTiN  CondMat
Kubo, Kazuhiro
Itzhack Dana
Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 529000... Quantum Dynamical and Topological Properties of Kicked Hall Systems in the Superweak-Chaos Regime CondMat
Leibovich, Nava
Eli Barkai
Department of Physics, Institute of Nanotechnology and Advan... Nonstationary Power Spectrum and Aging 1/f Noise StatMech
Linden, John
Yasha Nikulshin
Shuki Wolfus
Institute of Superconductivity, Department of Physics, Bar I... Permanent Magnetic Inductive Fault Current Limiter Applied Physics
Liran [1], Dror
Itamar Rosenberg [1]
K. West [2]
Racah Institute of Phy...
Controlling exciton-polaritons in waveguides. QM
Lohani, Himanshu
Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar Band Structure of Topological Insulator BiSbTe1.25Se1.75 CondMat
Martiskainen, Hanna
Prof. Nimrod Moiseyev
The Department of Physics, Technion- Israel Institute of Tec... Adiabatic perturbation theory for atoms and molecules in the low frequency regime QM
Meirzada [1], Idan
Sigal Ariel Wolf [1,3]
Nir Bar-Gill [1,2,3]
The Racah Institute of...
Negative charge enhancement of near-surface nitrogen vacancy centers by multicolor excitation QM
Michael, Yoad
Leon Bello
Michael Rosenbluh
Department of physics and BINA Center of nano-technology, Ba... Sub-shot noise Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy by non-linear phase detection QM
Misra, Subhradeep
Michael Stern [2]
Arjun Joshua [1]
Department of Condensed...
Experimental Study of the Exciton Gas – Liquid Transition in Coupled Quantum Wells QM
Morali, Noam
Rajib Batabyal
Nurit Avraham
Weizmann Institute of S...
Probing the Topological Fermi-Arcs via Scattering Processes in the Weyl Semimetal TaAs CondMat
Musbat, Lihi
Dilger J. M.
Nihamkin M.
Department of Physics,...
Isomerization of Isolated Retinal Chromophore StatMech
Nagar, Harel
Dr. Yael Roichman
Physical chemistry Non-diffracting beams for label-free imaging through turbid media StatMech
Ness, Gal
Constantine Shkedrov
Yanay Florshaim
Department of Physics and Solid State Institute, Technion Shortcut to adiabaticity in optical transfer of ultracold atoms QM
Nikiforov, Daniel
Bagrat Khachatryan
Jenya Tilchin
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Magnetic Field Effects in Organic Semiconductor Devices CondMat
Nir, Guy
Barak Zackay
Eran O. Ofek
Weizmann Institute The advantages of telescopes with a non-circular pupil Astro
Nir, Guy
Barak Zackay
Eran O. Ofek
Weizmann Institute Streak detection using fast Radon transform Astro
Ovdat, Omrie
Daniel Brattan
Jinahi Mao
Discrete scale invariance: Threading the needle between anomalies, graphene and Lifshitz scaling MathPhys
Persky, Eylon
Beena Kalisky
Department of Physics and Institute of Nanotechnology and Ad... Local Effects of Electrostatic Gating on Conduction at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface CondMat
Piasetzky [1], Eli
Ishay Pomerantz [1]
Israel Mardor [1,2]
School of Physics and A...
Experimental activities at the Nuclear Physics Group at Tel Aviv University HEP
Poem [1,2], Eilon
Christian Weinzetl [2]
Johannes Gorlitz [3]
Department of Physics o...
Coherent control and wave mixing in a dense ensemble of silicon vacancy centers in diamond QM
Poem [1,3], Eilon
Raam Uzdin [2]
James Klatow [3]
Department of Physics o...
Experimental demonstration of quantum effects in the operation of microscopic heat engines StatMech
Potashnikov [1], Daniel
Oleg Rivin [2,3]
Andreas Hoser [3]
Technion-Israel Institu...
Magnetic ordering investigation in Mn2AlB2 using neutron diffraction CondMat
Rajak, Atanu
Atanu Rajak
Emanuele G. Dalla Torre
Department of Physics, Jack and Pearl Resnick Institute, Bar... Linear to marginal stability of interacting many kicked rotors StatMech
Ron, Jonathan
Itai Pinkoviezki
Ehud Fonio
Department of chemical...
Bi-stability in cooperative transport by ants in the presence of obstacles StatMech
Roses [1, 2], Mor M.
Yulia Shchadilova [3]
Eugene Demler [3]
Center for Quantum Ent...
Signatures of a counter-lasing transition in a cavity QED experiment QM
Roth, Efrat
Yuval Garini
Bar-Ilan University Single molecule measurements of a DNA origami polymer-like structure StatMech
Rout, P. K.
E. Maniv
Y. Dagan
Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy,... Link between the superconducting dome and spin-orbit interaction in the (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface CondMat
Rubin, Adam
Avishay Gal-Yam
The SOXS collaboration
Department of Particle...
MITS: the Multi-Imaging Transient Spectrograph for SOXS Astro
Schreiber, Nir
Reuven Cohen
Simi Haber
Bar Ilan University Ferromagnetic Potts Models with Multi Site Interaction StatMech
Schreiber, Yishai
Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan Entanglement Entropy on a Cayley Tree QM
Schulze, Steve
Avishay Gal-Yam
Eran Ofek
Weizmann Institute of Science The Palomar Transient Factory - The Core-Collapse-Supernova Data Release 1 Astro
Schulze [1], Steve
Avishay Gal-Yam [1]
Giorgos Leloudas [2]
Weizmann Institute of S...
Super-luminous supernova host galaxies: cosmic evolution, metal aversion and their galaxy environment Astro
Segall, Nimrod
Eial Teomy
Yair Shokef
Tel Aviv University...
Jamming vs. Caging in 3D Jamming Percolation StatMech
Shaharabani [1], Rona
Roy Beck [1]
Maor Ram-On [2]
Tel Aviv University, Te...
Multiple Sclerosis Triggers from a Biophysical Perspective StatMech
Shapira, Dekel
Doron Cohen
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Lognormal-like statistics of a stochastic squeeze process StatMech
Shapira, Tamar
Hen Alpern [1,2]
Shira Yochelis [2]
Racah Institute of Phys...
Induced unconventional superconductor order parameter in a proximity layer coated with chiral molecules CondMat
Sharon, Guy
Avner Soffer
Guy Sharon
Tel Aviv University The B —> D tau nu excess and precise vertexing at Belle-II HEP
Shick [1], Alexander B.
Dmitry S. Shapiro [2]
Alexander I. Lichtenstein [3]
Institute of Physics, C...
Spin and Orbital Magnetism of Rare Earth Atoms Adsorbed on Metal Substrates CondMat
Smith [1], Naftali
Baruch Meerson [1]
Pavel Sasorov [2]
Racah Institute of Phys...
Finite-size effects in the short-time height distribution of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation StatMech
Stollberg, Christine
Weizmann Institute of Science Investigation of a small-scale z-pinch plasma Plasma and Fluids
Thiel, Felix
David A. Kessler
Eli Barkai
Physics Department, Bar-Ilan University The quantum first detection problem QM
Tikhonov, Pasha
Efrat Shimshoni
Bar Ilan University Thermal Hall effect in a chiral Kagome spin stripe CondMat
Tzuk [1], Omer
Hannes Uecker [3]
Ehud Meron [1,2]
Physics Department, Ben...
The Role of Self-Organized Spatial Patterns in the Design of Agroforestry Systems NLD
Ujjwal [1], Sangeeta Rani
Nirmal Punetha [2]
Awadhesh Prasad [3]
Department of Solar Ene...
Emergence of chimeras through induced multistability NLD
Vaknin, Dana
Michael M. Danziger
Shlomo Havlin
Department of Physics, Bar Ilan University Spreading of localized attacks in spatial multiplex networks NLD
Wissberg, Shai
Elihu Anouchi
Amos Sharoni
Department of Physics,...
Local magnetic measurements of ultra-thin Pt/Co/Pt trilayers CondMat
Yacobi, Lee
Behar Ehud
Tarem Shlomit
Technion Segmented Gamma-Ray Detectors For ISS-TAO mission Astro
Yang [1,2], Yi
Lifan Wang [2]
Weizmann Institue of Sc...
Light Echoes Around Supernova 2014J in M82 - From Near and Far Astro