The Israel Physical Society, founded in 1954, is a voluntary non-profit society, which acts to stimulate research and education in physics and voice the concerns of its members. The organization is open to all physicists, students, and those who support research and education in physics.

Prof. Giulio (Yoel) Racah from the Hebrew university was the first president of the IPS (1954-1956).

Prof. Giulio (Yoel) Racah


Any physicist, student of physics, or simply a person who supports research and education in physics can become a member, if he/she accepts the objectives of the IPS  and pays his/her annual member fee.

see the IPS regulations

see a summary of the benefit of an IPS member in EPS and APS

Membership fees and Conference registration fees

Membership for life:

2400 NIS

Yearly Membership fees:

Students first degree - 10 NIS

Advanced students - 100 NIS

Member (faculty) - 150 NIS

Emeriti (retired) - 100 NIS

Teacher - 50 NIS

Conference registration fees (Early/Late registration)

Students first degree - 100/150 NIS

Advanced students - 200/250 NIS

Member (faculty) - 300/350 NIS

Emeriti (retired) - 250/300 NIS

Teacher - 200/250 NIS

Non Member - 500/600


Routine decisions are made and carried out by the President and Committee who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Currently the IPS council includes:

Position Title Address Phone number
President Prof. Avishay Gal-Yam Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science +972-8-934-2063
Vice President Prof. Avi Pe'er Department of Physics, Bar Ilan University +972-3-5317482
Treasurer Prof. Nadav Katz The Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem +972-2-6584133
Administration Jane Livyatan Faculty of Physics - Weizmann Institute of Science +972-8-934-3837
Council member Dr. Dganit Meidan Department of physics, Ben-Gurion university +972-8-6461170
Council member Dr. Ehoud Pazy Physics department, Negev NRC, Beer Sheva +972-8-6569114
Council member Dr. Haim Suchowski School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University +972-3-6408663
Council member Prof. Amit Keren Department of Physics, Tecnion +972-4-829-3662
Council Member Prof. Gilad Lifschytz Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa +972-4-9838704
Council member Dr. Eli Raz Department of Optical Engineering, Ort Braude College +972-04-9901991
Council member Dr. Michael Kroyter Faculty of Sciences, Holon Institute of Technology +972-3-5026811
Council member Dr. Avi Marzel School of Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem +972-2-5882104
Council member Dr. Amit Ben-Kish Rafael
Council memeber Yehuda Naveh IBM