Welcome Words

Welcome to IPS 2017

Dear IPS 2017 participants,

Welcome to the annual IPS meeting. This year's conference has enjoyed a very promising start with a sizable number of registered participants as well as many generous sponsors. We have put together a varied and exciting program, featuring an impressive roster of local and international guests. Thanks to our dedicated organizers, meticulous scientific committee, and tireless administrative staff, we have been able to cover all aspects of physics and create a lineup that would appeal to physicists from many different disciplines. We have been able to offer free participation to 80 MCs and third year BsC students, and have significantly increased the amount and value of the poster awards to attract more presenters. We have also planned a cheerful holiday celebration followed by a public talk. We hope that you will have an enjoyable, enlightening, and productive day.


Amit Keren

Conference chair

From the President of the IPS

On behalf of the Israel Physical Society (IPS), I welcome you to the 63th annual Conference (2017), held this year at the Technion. The organizing committee, chaired by Prof. Amit Keren, put together an exciting program, and I wish us all a stimulating meeting.

Breaking with traditions, we shall hold the General Assembly at the end of the program, following the lecture of Prof. Lisa Randall, rather than now, at the start. This was done so we can get down to business and prioritize core physics over administrative and policy issues.

I look forwards to seeing you at the general assembly later tonight and wish us all an exciting and rewarding meeting

Yosi Avron,